0111 – Missing Parts [DRAFT]

As I slowly near completion of my timing circuit board, I've been adding components to their sockets and testing the different signals they produce. The basic signals (14MHz, 7MHz, 3.5MHz, etc.) seem to be clocking correctly. Having the quartz oscillator socketed allows me to remove it and replace it with a simple 1kHz 555 timer-based… Continue reading 0111 – Missing Parts [DRAFT]

0110 – Timing is everything

Before I get much further with the video module, I need to properly flesh out the heartbeat of the system: the timing circuit. As mentioned previously, the /// uses a 14.318MHz clock. The reason for such a high  frequency is that (apart from other components in the system) the video module needs a 7MHz and… Continue reading 0110 – Timing is everything