1001 – Notes and Decisions

Another long gap in posts while I've mainly focused on coding for the FPGA.  As previously mentioned, trying to synthesize each component of the /// from the schematics has helped me greatly to learn how things work.  As I've written and re-written different modules and have poured over all sorts of datasheets, I've learned a… Continue reading 1001 – Notes and Decisions

1000 – We’ve got Synced Video

Virtual synched video signal Here’s what I got on the first try. I’ve got the four digital “RGB” signals, the color burst and the SYNCH signals routed through a set of resistors to create analog color NTSC composite video as per the schematics. The good news is that it’s a nice, steady 60Hz non-interlaced picture.… Continue reading 1000 – We’ve got Synced Video