0110 – Another lull in the action

A very unhappy sight indeed. My Box of Bliss sits on the floor of my new office, patiently waiting for me to once again give it some love and attention, much like the family dog when the family has become too busy for it. The family has moved to my new city and we are… Continue reading 0110 – Another lull in the action


0100 – ROM, Building an EEPROM Programmer and a Break

As I'm slowly mulling over each component of my system, trying to learn how each piece works - first by itself, then within the system as a whole - I keep stopping at various design decision crossroads. One such decision is, "which ROM should I go with?" The Apple part #341-0031 boot ROM that came with my… Continue reading 0100 – ROM, Building an EEPROM Programmer and a Break

0011 – Fabricating your own tools

One of the byproducts of building your own electronics, especially with a  project like a microcomputer, are the tools you'll eventually need to assist with testing and development. As a beginning hobbyist, I don't have a lab of oscilloscopes, variable power supplies, frequency generators and the like. These things would certainly help. But my goals are to… Continue reading 0011 – Fabricating your own tools