0100 – ROM, Building an EEPROM Programmer and a Break

As I'm slowly mulling over each component of my system, trying to learn how each piece works - first by itself, then within the system as a whole - I keep stopping at various design decision crossroads. One such decision is, "which ROM should I go with?" The Apple part #341-0031 boot ROM that came with my… Continue reading 0100 – ROM, Building an EEPROM Programmer and a Break

0011 – Fabricating your own tools

One of the byproducts of building your own electronics, especially with a  project like a microcomputer, are the tools you'll eventually need to assist with testing and development. As a beginning hobbyist, I don't have a lab of oscilloscopes, variable power supplies, frequency generators and the like. These things would certainly help. But my goals are to… Continue reading 0011 – Fabricating your own tools