References and Acknowledgements

The following sites, people and resources have been instrumental in helping me create this content:

  • The Apple /// Service Reference Manual – find it on the ASIMOV Apple archives or
  • Quinn Dunki’s Blondihacks blog, the Veronica project specifically
  • Dirk Grappendorf’s 6502 Home Computer blog
  • The Drop /// Inches podcast– with a special thank you to hosts Mike Maginnis and Paul Hagstrom for providing interviews with several Apple /// luminaries, including Dr. Wendell Sander, Daniel Kottke, Taylor Pohlman, Dave Ottalini, Bob Consorti and Collette Askeland.
  • Ben Eater’s FANTASTIC YouTube video series on building an 8-bit computer. If you haven’t watched his channel, do it now! NOWWWW!!!
  • Tom Owad’s Apple I Replica Creation page on AppleFritter which contains extremely helpful design information
  • web site
  • The Apple II Circuit Description (book), by Winston D. Gaylor
  • And of course, a special thank you to Dr. Wendall Sander and of course, Steve Wozniak